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SportVizion helps sports teams to have a 365°Fan™ view of their fans in real time and so increase their ROI with its revolutionary sport-centric solution called iQ-Sports™.

iQ-Sports™ provides your sport team improved access to the analysis of key operational data with an Eco-System that leverages on a logical data model that supports elements from the team’s operational source systems, in order to be able to make better decisions and improve engagement with fans and players.

Manage everything in one place

At the core of the iQ-Sports™ solution is an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) and a Data Model that incorporates centralized technology solution data from ticketing, sponsorships, financials, concessions and merchandise into a single source. Once in the warehouse, this data can be leveraged to deliver reporting, dashboards, direct marketing and analytics.

The iQ-Sports platform provides a championship solution for any team in any league.

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Available on all devices

With SportVizion users can interact with any device from anywhere. Applications are available for download on your iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and the Web.

All Platforms

Amazing Design

Great Attention to Detail

iQ-Sports™ has been carefully designed with the objective of facilitating the analysis of data through the visualization of friendly reports and the capacity of interacting with fans in real-time.

iQ-Sports™ ecosystem includes a group of applications that support the 360° FanView and provides not just campaign management and engagement, but also analytical tools for all aspects of a sport team’s operations. This includes data from ticketing, point-of-sales, web interaction, campaign response tracking, social media, SMS texting and mobile apps. These multiple benefits are not typically offered by others in the field.

Unlimited Customization

Robust to the Core

SportVizion implements its iQ-Sports™ solution based upon the needs of each client, not just what exists within a “black box” product offering

Built on a solid foundation from years of customer implementations the iQ-Sports™ solution also provides scalability and customizability.

Quality Product

Product of Extensive Research

With years of experience engaging clients and partners in the sports industry  we have been an integral part of increasing their fan experience.   We strive to be part of a championship team.

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  • With location based services hosts can reach fans when the arrive.

    The iQ-Sports Eco-System supports multiple ways to track your fans. Ticket check-in, point-of-sale purchases, or even locations based tracking for those using mobile apps.

  • A campaign is just a click away for registered users as hosts can choose a custom campaign at anytime. Once initiated they can track the responses.

    Hosts can access and manage the fan to see what campaigns have been sent and what was used and initiate an new campaign if desired. Also,  a host may choose to be alerted of fan activity.

  • Still print?

    Print reports and share reports with others.

  • Follow fans in social media tweets and see what they are saying and who’s following.

    With an easy to use web based interface you can  follow any hashtag or keyword  in the social media tweet world to see what is being said and who’s following, listening or re-tweeting with a clear analytical dashboard.

  • Capture information that you need to help manage your campaigns and track their effectiveness.

    With multiple ways to input and capture information from direct data source links or manual inputs, we make sure any valuable information is captured.

  • With APIs to all major sports ticketing, and POS data you can be sure your decision will be based on the latest information.

    With API links for CRM systems, point of sales data, ticket master, and there ticketing platforms we can integrate quickly to have you up and running in weeks.

  • Pushing actionable information to those who need to act.

    Alert notifications can be sent to those who need to act. Whether an active campaign response relayed to operations or an alert for fan attendance. We make sure anyone who needs to know knows when they need to.

  • Information to those who need it.

    Valuable information in the hands that need it. Our ability to provide key information to those who need it to keep your organization running on championship form.

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Company behind SportVizion

SportVizion was founded in 2015 and is based in Miami, Florida. We are a division of Qualex Consulting Services, Inc. formed from the sports practice focus on solutions for fans and players in any league. Our iQ-Sports™ platform provides the key to analytical solutions in the sports arena.

Where Champions Play!

Our Team

We are proud of having a team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) that rocks! All of our players have decades of experience in the Sports industry and a very proactive approach, leveraging “lessons learned” on prior projects.
Scott ClarkLead Developer

Scott Clark

Lead Developer

Scott is a senior developer who has successfully helped clients in a wide variety of industries to develop enterprise wide solutions by leveraging on analysis and reporting tools on top of integrated data warehouse systems. Scott has a graduate degree in Applied Statistics and a love of collegiate/professional sports, making him a true sports-nerd. He is an avid snowboarder, runner, and occasional kayaker and scuba diver.

Daniel Casellas

Software Development Engineer

Daniel is an avid Software Engineer, problem solver and team player. He has been leading, architecting and developing software for over half a decade. Daniel holds a Bsc in Systems Engineering, an MBA in Financial Management and is currently working towards his Msc in Computer Science from Georgia Tech where he is specializing in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. His hobbies include playing video games, practicing water sports and spending time with his family and friends.

Daniel CasellasSoftware Development Engineer
Clive PearsonFounder & CEO

Clive Pearson

Founder & CEO

Clive Pearson was born on May 22, 1966, in Peshawar, Pakistan. Clive travelled  the world by the age of 13 having lived in Pakistan, Singapore, Bahrain and England before making his way to America. Now settled into life in Miami, Florida with his wife and 2 kids. Clive enjoys sports of any kind, from Cricket to American Football and he loves to play Tennis.

Sports teams love SportVizion

  • At this point, the SportVizion team from QLX has become more than a vendor. I see them as a true business partner focused on the needs of the Orlando Magic.
    Anthony Perez / Vice President of Business StrategyOrlando Magic
  • We have been working with the SportVizion team since December 2013 and are very impressed with the commitment and knowledge they provide MLS for the implementation of our new data warehouse. We look forward to finalizing this effort and utilizing the findings to get a better view and understanding of our fans and their engagement across all 22 clubs.
    Charlie Shin / Senior Director, CRM & AnalyticsMajor League Soccer
  • The New York Mets are excited to have partnered with Qualex to provide fan analytics starting with the 2015 season. We look forward to the immense value they will provide in analyzing our data to better reach our fans and increase customer loyalty as they do with many other teams.
    John Morris / Business IntelligenceNew York Mets
  • Capturing data from the Suns independent source systems, QLX team has provided a consolidated solution that allows the Suns to access their data via a BI dashboard; that includes pull-down menus, and even a graphical representation of the sports arena which details and provides hourly ticket sales updates on game day!
    Zaheer Benjamin / Senior Director Financial PlanningPhoenix Suns

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