App Marketing

Amazing Design

Great Attention to Detail

iQ-Sports™ has been carefully designed with the objective of facilitating the analysis of data through the visualization of friendly reports and the capacity of interacting with fans in real-time.

iQ-Sports™ ecosystem includes a group of applications that support the 360° FanView and provides not just campaign management and engagement, but also analytical tools for all aspects of a sport team’s operations. This includes data from ticketing, point-of-sales, web interaction, campaign response tracking, social media, SMS texting and mobile apps. These multiple benefits are not typically offered by others in the field.

Unlimited Customization

Robust to the Core

SportVizion implements its iQ-Sports™ solution based upon the needs of each client, not just what exists within a “black box” product offering

Built on a solid foundation from years of customer implementations the iQ-Sports™ solution also provides scalability and customizability.

Quality Product

Product of Extensive Research

With years of experience engaging clients and partners in the sports industry  we have been an integral part of increasing their fan experience.   We strive to be part of a championship team.

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